1. The Untimely Excursion

This camera is a combination of a telephoto-pinhole mailing tube, a 4x5” large-format film back and a rifle scope, measuring at 1.8m and with an aperture of f/1250.

Seemingly too ridiculous to be operational, it is an embodiment of our equipment fetish brought to the extreme, as well as a comment on how cameras change the way we engage / hunt down our subjects.

To use the camera is somewhat like a ritual, or a performance completed by the two of us: we set up the tripod, slot in the chassis, slide in the film holder and go back and forth, aiming and framing - until one finally gives the order to fire the shutter.

1. Bird Hunting with Tele-Pinhole Camera, Excursion #5
2. Tele-Pinhole Camera

Cardboard mailing tube fitted with birchwood chamber
Compatible with 4x5 film holders and polaroid backs
Weatherproofed with Ronseal Black Paint
Mounted with 4-20x rifle scope
1850mm, f/1250
3a-c. Results from Bird Hunting Excursion #2

Exposed on 4”x5” HP5+ film, EI 1600 ISO
Exposure time around 8s under f/16 sunlight